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Goat’s Milk Scrub Soap – Blue | HBC202-2

PV 4

Members Price: (WM) RM 8.10 | (EM) RM 10.20

Retail Price:  (WM) RM 9.54 | (EM) RM 11.66



Product Description: HR Goat’s Milk Scrub Soap with Aromatherapy – Refreshing. Cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells effectively. With the soothing scent of essential oil sand protect the skin against dryness.

Goat’s Milk Scrub Soap (Aromatherapy) – Refreshing (Blue)

Fragrance: Lemon (Relaxing)


Guide: For all skin types.



– Moisturize skin

– Agent scrub removes dead skin cells

– A refreshing aromatherapy scent

– Soothes and clean skin

– Get rid of body odor


Body – Use daily in the shower. Soap rich in AHA (Alpha Hydroxz acid) and antioxidants from goat’s milk and palm oil. Coupled with the “Agent Scrub” from Jojoba details to remove the dead skin cells and dirt more effectively. Available in two scents of Lemon Zest, conceptual and ksegaran and tranquility.