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Higoat Care: Deodorant For Men & Women | HCD 003 & HCD 004


Members Price: (WM) RM 10.49 | (EM) RM 12.62

Retail Price:  (WM) RM 13.14 | (EM) RM 15.80



HCD 003 – Deodorant For Men

HCD 004- Deodorant For Women


Deodorant For Men – Quick Dry :

The first antiperspirants and deodorants from HR specifically designed for men to provide 24-hour odor and wetness protection with aloe vera extract for whiter underarm.

Deodorant For Women – Whitening :

Our original deodorant & antiperspirant formula for women, providing 24 hour odor and wetness protection. With the ability to whiten your underarm, addictive floral fragrance.