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HR Miracle Grow | HFA 01

PV 36

Members Price: (WM) RM 60.00 | (EM) RM 65.00

Retail Price:  (WM) RM 72.00 | (EM) RM 78.00

Foliar Fertilizer multipurpose for various crops. Respond effectively to help nourish and stimulate healthy plants and crops to produce leaves, flowers and fruits are amazing.

Benefits HR Miracle Grow:

  • Ideal for tree fruit plants, vegetables, ornamental plants, flowers and field crops.
  • Dedicated to produce leaves, flowers, buds and shoots so  much stronger and resistant.
  • Avoid seeds and flowers from resolved.
  • Stimulating the growth of trees.
  • Improving the quality of so much sweet fruit, fruit quickly  increase the size and color so fresh and original.
  • Revenue was quoted last longer.